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This is a consumer rip off. They advertise to new wave oven's a free Nuwave twister a free party mixer. If not completely satisfied return for a refund. I paid 29.99 for the extra suppose a free Nuwave. 29.99 for what was supposed to be a free party mixer I paid 94.80 for shipping and handling and on a product that only cost 129.84 to start with. Was totally dissatisfied with the Nuwave. Tried to different items one was tough one never got... Read more

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The product is great except the quality of the dome. It cracked and broke during regular use which is a default on the companies behalf, not mines. Im finding it difficult to find a reasonable replacement with the price that is charged, which is the almost the price of a new nuwave

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I'm stil waiting for company decition. I want replaced the piece. If you are able to spend a lot of many for comercial at TV. At least replace the piece or answer to the consumer. When we asked question.

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Very deceptive pricing practices. So many free items that you pay $29.95 each for shipping. $85.00 just to return the ovens? Huge ripoff. Also charged a $39.95 upgrade fee for each oven, that was never explained. Also was sold other free offers that are very difficult and costly to cancel. Product was supposed arrive in 5 days for my husbands birthday but didn't arrive for a month. I would strongly suggest that if you truly want one of... Read more

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Hello, my name is D. Perez. I bought a NuWave oven 2 year ago the dome is crack's in 3 parts. How I replace the dome? The company is able to sell or replace it? I bought at Kohl's store Model 20341 Email I would like to know how much it is? I need it an answer as soon is possible. We are so dependable of this oven. Thanks, in advance. Dulce Perez Read more

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I Contacted NUWAVE Customer Service for either a new or updated part to prevent the dome from cracking and or collapsing and starting a food/ house fire. I asked to speak with a supervisor, the reply was they were to busy on the phone and unable to do anything anyway. DO NOT BUY ANY NUWAVE PRODUCTS! I hope the consumer product commission investigates their poorly engineered dome before people are burnt or killed by fires caused with this... Read more

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It can't beat oven/stove. First you must buy all the extras to get the full benefits, then deal with this big dome and all these different parts and attachments, storage is a problem unless you throw out all your other pots & pan... I don't recommend that. baking a turkey isn't that easy. I did frozen steaks in 16 minutes but the taste isn't there plus it's 8 minutes per side. I can boil water just as fast using my hot tap water. It's not... Read more

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We tried to place an order but when we saw that the charges for shipping and handling were too high we decided not to submit the order but they still processed it. The cost of the product was $119 and there was a charge of $109 for shipping and handling. The next day we received a call asking why we didn't submitted the order and we told them that it was too much money and we were not interested on it. Two days later the oven came to our door.... Read more

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The dome of my nuwave has been cracked for sometime as I am on a fixed income and every penny counts. When I purchased my nuwave, I paid high dollar for it. Now you can pick them up in almost any store for 99.00. I cannot afford to pay for a new dome. I am now loosing heat and it is continuing to loose heat. I love my nuwave but will have to say I will be reporting this to the BBB as I have not heard back from any of my telephone calls. So... Read more

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