Have sent our OxyPure machine in 2 times. Got it back yesterday and plugged it in today and still can NOT get it to run.

We used it for 4 months, cleaned it {Dec. 23} and haven't been able to get it to run since. It has had a new Bio filter and now a new door because the door came back to us damaged and it would not run. When plugged in power light comes on and all other lights light up, press power button and all lights light up and then go off and power shows the red circle blinking and machine does not turn{ no indication the fan turns on.

Why did it work 4 months before cleaning, now after 2 months of shipping back to you it still does NOT WORK? Does maintenance even try to turn it on in the shop?? Mr.

and Mrs. Dale Bent dmbent57@***.com

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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